Welcome to Three Feather Healing.

Welcome to Three Feather Healing. 

Are you seeking new insights into your inner experience that will allow you to create transformative healing and wellbeing in your life?

 I am Denise and through our work together we will connect you with the unique wisdom and power of who you are. We will unblock life force energy allowing for deep levels of healing that, creative flow and an align you with your authentic spirit.

You will:
·       release blocks, old patterns and beliefs.
·       uncover new sources of inner wisdom, truth and healing.
·       discover your power to shift and direct your subtle energy for optimal health.
·       reconnect with creative-life force energy.
·       discover the power of embodied wholeness.
Your life force energy flows into your life as your soul’s expression, tending this energy is vital.
Connect with me to explore your needs and I am honored to be a guide for you on this unfolding journey!


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I’m Denise — spiritual healer, shamanic practitioner and intuitive counselor. More about me…