Welcome to Three Feather Healing.

This is a sacred space where Intuitive, Creative and Earth based healing is offered by Denise Arline.

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of your self?
Are you ready to delve into the exploration your soul’s inner experience?
Are you seeking to uncover deeper healing & reconnect with what is most sacred, beautiful and true about yourself?

Three Feather Healing is a resource for you, with healing and mentoring sessions and community/online workshops. This transformative work is designed for you to experience deep healing, a powerful aligning energy with your authentic spirit and an embodiment of your sacred truth that will flow into your life as your soul’s expression. The flow of this expression allows for creative empowerment and the manifestation of your life’s purpose.

You are living your Soul’s Expression:

  • When you know how to explore the depth of your own energy field and identify unconscious beliefs and patterns that are effecting how you create your life.
  • When you have the clarity and tools to activate, move and transform energy that is not serving you.
  • When you know that life challenges are potent material for you to learn from and create with, allowing you to live your life in a new and magical way.
  • When you act on your ability to make intentional, conscious choice and change, manifesting your vision into your life.

Hearing the inner call of my souls desire for expression and choosing to actively listen has been my life work, leading me to profound personal growth and transformation.

Through my own journey with spirit, earth based wisdom and the creative essence of life, I have developed my intuitive healing practice, serving hundreds of individuals over the last ten years. I love reflecting the beauty and power of the essential spirit to my clients, so they may find the strength and clarity to listen to their own call, experience healing and transformative change.

Let’s journey together

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